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Archive: February, 2011

Michael Masterson

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Copywriting is a skill that can pay very well.  But I’d be willing to bet that you’ve probably never seriously considered making a career in it.

I first heard about this lucrative career when I heard about Michael Masterson.  He offered a course on copywriting that promised to take “anyone” and make them a master copywriter.  In fact, almost everyone is already a great writer.  Like everyone, you too just need some practice with rote exercises to put it all together.  You can develop the technical know-how of a master writer.

Writing is not on everybody favourite list of things to do before they die.  It’s likely that you have had the same horrible experience of writing essays from your school days.  Grammar was painfully taught and students learned only to hate writing more than they did to love it.

Writing shouldn’t be painful.  Unfortunately, the experience of a thousand days in class has taught most of us otherwise.

There have been students of the Early to Rise copywriting course who would have sworn they could never write if their life depended on it  - who have turned it around and made a fortune for themselves writing hot product promotions for some of the biggest names in industry.

How did they do it?

It’s simple really.  They just mastered some skills and develop their own innate sense of what really works – what people will read and listen to.  That’s it!

Lord I Lift Your Name On High (Then sings my soul Saturday)

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Ok I love this song and it’s probably the most popular song ever!
Lord, I lift Your name on high;
Lord, I love to sing Your praises;
I’m so glad You’re in my life;
I’m so glad You came to save us.

You came from Heaven to earth;
To show the way,
From the earth to the cross,
My debt to pay,
From the cross to the grave,
From the grave to the sky;
Lord, I lift Your name on high!

(Repeat two more times)

singing bowl

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Vibration is all around us.  There is a frequency to your cells that you are mostly unaware of.  But it is there.  It drives your experience and your moods.  And you can learn to feel it just as you feel the wind at your back. It’s like the sensation of a million souls that have gone before in the breeze.  It is a marvellous thing.

It seems the sound is coming from the house ahead.  You can’t quite place the sound at first, but you may have heard the same before from a Tibetan crystal singing bowls. You feel the sunlight on your back as your stroll past downs the street on a crisp clean winter’s day.  It is a day that is like any other – except it has the magic of a vibration that you experienced only once before.

Psalm 23

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Psalm 23 is my favourite chapter verse when I became a born again Christian. I depended on it every time I was scared and lonely. When I first leave my country this is the verse that I always read and memorize it. But now it somehow got lost in the way so I’m trying to get back to it now!

Psalm 23

A psalm of David.

1The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.

2He makes me lie down in green pastures,

he leads me beside quiet waters,

3he restores my soul.

He guides me in paths of righteousness

for his name’s sake.

4Even though I walk

through the valley of the shadow of death,a

I will fear no evil,

for you are with me;

your rod and your staff,

they comfort me.

5You prepare a table before me

in the presence of my enemies.

You anoint my head with oil;

my cup overflows.

6Surely goodness and love will follow me

all the days of my life,

and I will dwell in the house of the Lord


4-God’s Faithbook

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

There are advantages to making yourself available to a wider circle of associates.  No man is an island as they say.  John was banished to an island later in his ministry, but he had friends who knew where he was and who wanted to hear how he was doing.  How would it have turned out for him if he didn’t have a Christian Social Network to love and support him before he found himself in such a place?

There are reasons to stay connected beyond the usual need for social gratification and fun.  God needs us to stay connected.  We are after all called His Body.  How does our body work if it doesn’t have connections all up and down it’s spine and into the farthest reaches of our limbs?  The toes need to hear from the head and vice versa.

That is what a social network accomplishes for you in your walk as a Christian.  You were commanded to stay in touch with the body – which is His Church.  For that is why it was said to not forsake the gathering of yourselves together regularly.

But did you know that there are other ways to stay connected to the body?  You can stay connected more than ever beyond the church through the connections you nurture in your education and professional career path.

There are myriad points of view on any topic in the world and on the work of the church.  Those points of view can all come into play when the body, which is the church, is deciding on a path to take.  As an individual Christian, you need the input of others and you also need to be able to give your input – as a way to maximize your growth and potential in the Christian walk.

Determine a budget

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Getting a mortgage it’s not easy and make sure you have full-time job. You want a mortgage payment that fits comfortably within your budget and make sure it does not stretch your finances. Consider all outstanding payments, extracurricular activities, job changes and how much savings you need. Remember to factor in savings for potential emergencies also like car repairs, home repair and etc.


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