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a Father’s love

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

I just want to share with you this heartwarming and very inspiring video. It’s about a Father’s love that will touch your hearts deeply and you will definitely need tissues. Sometimes we just take our father’s love for granted and perhaps you are not getting along with your father. Maybe this video will inspires you to make any decision. It’s a reminder of how our God’s love is truly a powerful when He shed His blood for us!

Letters to God…Dear Mr. God

Friday, April 16th, 2010

video removed!

Letters To God!  My Dear God…I haven’t seen this movie yet but I’m dying to see it as soon as it’s available here in my area! Unfortunately it’s not available yet for some reason. Yes I heard that it’s a good movie. I could tell by watching at the trailer!

This is a true story of a dying boy who has cancer and decided to write letters to God.  It’s an inspiring story for all of us especially for those who have battled cancer.  I read a lot of good and positive reviews from the people but I also read some negative reviews mostly from non-believers.  They think the movie is very preachy and they feel awkward because a lot of words about God and Jesus. A guy who is Christian feels awkward when he was in the theater because the pastor prayed in a public place.   They said that they won’t recommend it to their non-believers friends.
Let me ask you a question?  If you are a believer would you feel embarrassed and ashamed of this kind of movie?

This review from tntnavi that I pulled out online!

I am SHOCKED at the negative messages on this board. This movie was incredible!! Fireproof was incredible!! Facing the Giants was incredible!! It opens up dialogue and reassured my children they are never alone and they can get through hard times without turning to alcohol or other things. Stay positive, have hope, know peace! Take your kids! My 9 and 6 yr. old loved the movie. My 6 yr. old son has already had 3 open heart surgeries, 7 heart procedures and will be facing another open heart due to a heart defect. Spend a few hours at a Children’s hospital and you will see the THOUSANDS of family members affected by any terminal illness not to mention their friends at school, co-workers/friends/neighbors of their parents, relatives.

My son never cried in the movie, he wasn’t afraid, he was proud to see another with a large scar, going through similar things he has, being called God’s Warrior in the movie gave him the biggest smile. You never want your children to be afraid or feel alone! This movie gives people HOPE! LOVE! COMPASSION! It helps sibling relationships.

After the movie, he gave me the biggest hug and said, THIS WAS THE BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN! He loved it, we all did. It is not a movie of death or cancer but LIFE and what you do with it while you are here! Your choices in dealing with difficult days which everyone has. Reaching out to people, friends, neighbors, relatives, even a church.

See it and go open minded.
Author: tntnavin from United States

Dear Mr. God ! The Warren Brothers

Dear Mr. God,
I’m writin’ You today
Because it seems like lately
I’ve forgotten how to pray
I know I don’t need this pen
But everybody likes to get
A letter now and then
I’m sorry for not writin’ more

‘Cause I need you
But it’s hard to see
Why anyone as big as You
Needs anything from me
I know You’re there
So how ya been?
I’m alright but I can’t lie,
Sometimes I feel like givin’ in
You’re all I’ve got

Dear Mr. God,
Sometimes I wish
You lived next door
So over coffee You could tell me
What You started all this for
I guess you saw
That sunrise yesterday
Thanks for the reminder
That You’re never gone away
It gives me hope
Telling You what You already know

I need you
But it’s hard to see
Why anyone as big as you
Needs anything from me
I know You’re there
So how’ve You Been?
I’m all right but I can’t lie
Sometimes I feel like givin’ in

Dear Mr. God,
Tell me do You ever cry
When we forget to thank You
For the good things in our lives?
I know I can’t always understand
Why You do the things You do
But I know in the end
I’ll make it through
If I stand next to You
So here I am

Dear Mr. God,
I’m writin’ you today
Because it seems like lately
I’ve forgotten how to pray


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