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“The FSU football tickets”

My husband grew up around a family that didn’t follow sports other than the occasional hockey game – and that only during the play-off season.  Maybe it wasn’t in his blood.  His brothers were not much into team sports either and the only type of sport that our family has participated in has traditionally involved the outdoors, bicycles, kayaks and much earlier waterskis.

Actually, I was just reminded that my husband did tryout for the middle school basketball team, and played in a few games, but that was short-lived.  As I said, his family was more wilderness sports oriented.  The only other exception was my husband’s sister who was active in high school as a competitive swimmer.  Overall, the family has been most interested in individual competing events if any and not at all team sports.

However, my husband did take some interest in professional baseball, as in major league.  He followed it for a while a few years ago but then suddenly lost interest.

I think if he had the opportunity to go and see a sporting event – for example if someone happened to hand him FSU football tickets – he would probably be interested enough to go.  But again, it’s not something that he would necessarily go out of his way to do.  It might be kind of fun for me to go as well.

So our family is not really the sports kind, and if you were to name famous athletes, such as Doak Campbell, you are most likely just to get a blank stare.  Sports  just isn’t in my husband’s family’s blood.  It’s a little unfortunate because I was competitive in track and field when I was younger and I might have enjoyed attending and being a fan of sports as I’m older now and less active.

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