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Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Events happen and time goes on even if we’re not ready for the next step.  It’s sometimes difficult to keep up with the pace of life, what with work schedules, children’s schedules, relationships and last but not least sleep.  I don’t know what others do to manage it all.  But I do know what works for me personally.  It basically involves taking one step at a time and doing things in their proper time and place.  I also know that there are plenty of other strategies for dealing with stress, including taking dietary supplements like nopalea.  But I’ll get to that in a moment.

That might sound easy and pat for an answer.  But it’s the same thing as if I told you I live in the moment — or at least try to.  Of course I don’t always succeed.  There are certain stresses that make it a challenge to live up to that.  And everyone has their own unique triggers.  We are all unique individuals after all – even if we are basically a lot alike.

It’s stress – they say – that is at the root of most, if not all, diseases — Mental stress, emotional stress, money stress …  (Is there such thing as money stress?)  It might have a different name depending on what area of life you’re feeling the pressure.  But it’s all the same to the body.  It reacts and fights hard to defend itself against the pressure.  But it does take its toll on it.

Scientists have only recently made the connection between stress and one of the consequences to the body’s chemistry.  And that is that biochemical reactions in the body – due in large part to the stress that we all are subjected to – produce something called free radicals.  These can do a lot of damage to the cells in the body if they are allowed to roam free for any length of time.

Now, the body has its own systems to help take away free radicals, but there are things that help the body in that capacity.  You might have followed some of the recent discoveries in the benefits of drinking red wine – which contains compounds that neutralize these free radicals.  Maybe you even drink a glass a day for that reason.  But not everyone likes drinking wine.

Well, there are alternatives.  Many plants exist in the wild that we are only now just discovering their antioxidant fighting abilities.  That’s what makes certain dietary supplements so amazing.  It’s like nature came with a natural answer to the problems that we have to face.


Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

I would be hard pressed to say what my favourite part of getting married would be.  Maybe, I’d say, it’s the joy of standing before the world and declaring your love for your soul-mate and having everyone there in loving support of you.  Or maybe, it’s the party afterwards!  I have a feeling that that would be my husband’s answer.

Anyway last weekend was our 11th year anniversary. Can you believe how fast time flies?

raymond weil

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

My husband typically eschews wearing any kind of watch as of late.  It’s not his style he proclaims.  So I don’t usually consider buying him a watch as a gift for him anymore.  However, I still think he doesn’t like to wear a watch because he just hasn’t found a watch that he really likes.  Hence, I’m actually thinking that if I put a raymond weil watch on his wrist, it might end up being as attached to him as his favourite baseball hat.


Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

You wouldn’t think that setting up a home hifi system would be such a monumental task — But when you’re looking for a place to put a not so inconspicuous subwoofer, as well as all the components (and wiring) – so it not only fits but also blends into a room in your room decor – then you might know what I’m talking about.  If only home builders would design homes with these sorts of things in mind so that you don’t have to place other pieces of furniture in nearly impossible positions just so you can get your stereo components to fit.  No matter how you slice it, you’re going to have to make space for that sound system – even if you have the most well-designed audio rack to keep everything together in one place.

guitar stands

Monday, September 17th, 2012

If you’ve ever witnessed a live concert of a big music act or other live performance, then you’ve seen the seemingly endless pieces of equipment up on stage – as well as part of the stage – that make up the performance.  There are guitar stands, and amps and cords everywhere.  It’s bewildering to think how anyone can keep it all together and make a live show come off as good as they do.


Thomas the train

Monday, September 17th, 2012



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