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I’m a Christian who loves God and my family. I’m a Mother of 2 beautiful children, a 6 year old daughter and almost 2 year old son. I’m addicted to Digital Scrapbooking and Photography. I also love cooking, baking, gardening and anything that makes me excite like Blogging and travel!

Archive: January, 2012

box cutter

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

My husband is a gadget fanatic.  He loves even smaller tools that you wouldn’t think would be of much use to anyone.  But he says you can always find a use for even the silliest looking tools.  After all, that’s what they were designed for.

I remember one example being a pencil torch that he purchased years ago.  It was designed to be a soldering tool.  Now there are normal electric soldering irons out there.   But my husband insists that there is always a better way to do something.  Hence, he bought this gas pencil torch for his soldering projects.

I could go on with all the rest of the bright ideas that he has had:  from the different kinds of box cutter he thought he’d try out to the tape dispenser (that didn’t work out too well).  Even though not every idea of his has made it to the all-time favourite list, that is not about to stop him from experimenting with even zanier ideas of his.


Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

We have finally snow on the ground that stays. Last week we had some snow but it disappeared so quickly because of the rain but now looks like it’s staying. Snow is now keep coming and lots of it right now on the ground. Speaking of snow I have to go clean my car. I have to go to work tonight and I don’t to be late. I hope it’s not freezing. That the only thing that I don’t like.

gmax helmets

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

One of the things I noticed when I came to Canada is that the rules of the road seem to be taken more seriously.   That really came alive for us – my mother and brother especially – when we were stopped by an officer who warned the two in the backseat to buckle up their seatbelts.

Another rule, that I rarely – if ever – see broken, is helmets for motorcycles.  You could try not wearing one I suppose, but you would probably be stopped pretty quickly and ticketed.

This good thing of course, even though some might grumble at having to follow obeys the law.  It’s incidentally also good for those who love wearing gmax helmets for safety – as well to look good on the road.

cutting tools

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

I use sophisticated milling machines at work every day.  That’s my job.  It basically involves moving parts in and out of the machine while the machine itself does the actual cutting operation.

Even though I have worked with these machines for many years, I still have to rely on my set up guy to maintain it – for example when to replace the cutting tools.  At least I can identify many of the parts of the machine though just in case he needs me to help pinpoint any problems.


Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

I just came home from work and I stopped by at the grocery store. The store is very close to our place and it’s very convenient because it’s open 24 hours. I just bought some noodles, teas and some sweets. When I got out it was snowing already! Wow! Finally we are getting some snow today. I don’t know how long it will last but I’m not complaining. I love snow but I hate the cold winds.

“I’m Finding Happiness”

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

What is the secret of Finding Happiness?  I suppose you could look at it from many different points of view and get many different answers to that question.  For example, what makes my two-year-old happy might be completely different from what makes me – or any grownup in general – happy (photography).  So the first thing is that is can absolutely depend on a person’s age or stage of life.

Also what makes a woman happy might be completely different from what makes a man happy.  But again, these are all just differences of perspective surely.  There must be a key that is common to all – that fits, in a general sort of way, every person alive.

When I say, ‘key to happiness’ for everyone, what else could that be but love?  Who doesn’t feel joy at being loved and also loving in return?  (Well, just for the sake of being thorough, I suppose some – but I suspect the majority all feel the same thrill of love.)

Also, who doesn’t feel a greater sense of wellness from the feeling of being loved and loving someone else in return?  (The two things are inescapably connected, like two sides of a coin.)  You can be made to feel sick – and in extreme cases even die – from negative stress of unhappiness.  (Maybe stress is just the absence of happiness).  And the opposite is also true:  You can experience greater health and physical wellbeing from the emotions arising out of happiness.  Try smiling for any length of time and see if what I’m saying doesn’t hold true.

So we see that happiness and health themselves are also connected.  One even determines the other.  This is good news because just as someone can learn or choose to love and be loved, so can a person learn to be happy.  It just takes some time and some effort is all.